List of Participants

# Name of participant Address Title of communication Type of communication
001Bashir AhmadKing Abdulaziz University, Saudi ArabiaExistence theory for fractional differential equations with nonlocal integro-multipoint boundary conditionsPlenary Lecture
002Vladimir E. FedorovChelyabinsk State University, Russian FederationDegenerate analytic in a sector resolving operators familyPlenary Lecture
003Wolfgang SprößigFreiberg University of Mining and Technology, GermanyApplicational aspects of a hypercomplex operator theoryPlenary Lecture
004Dumitru BaleanuCankaya University, TurkeyAbout some new derivatives in the area of fractional calculus and its applicationsPlenary Lecture
005Salvatore CapozzielloUniversity of Napoli "Federico II", ItalyNoether's symmetries in quantum cosmologyPlenary Lecture
006Yong ZhouXiangtan University, ChinaExistence and approximations of solutions for time-fractional Navier-Stokes equationsPlenary Lecture
007Delfim F. M. TorresUniversity of Aveiro, PortugalModeling, global stability and optimal control of HIV/AIDS through PrEPPlenary Lecture
008Alexander VasilyevPeter the Great St-Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russian FederationNeural Network Modeling of Complex Systems Described by Differential Equations and Other DataPlenary Lecture
009Khireddine AbdelkrimUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaCapacity Analysis for Urban Area Scenario for LTE-A with Broadband ServiceOral
010Imran TalibVirtual University of Pakistan, PakistanApplication of fixed point theory and study of the existence of solutions of nonlinear coupled differential systemsOral
011Ivan AreaUniversidade de Vigo, SpainSome properties of (p,q)-orthogonal polynomialsOral
012Carla PintoSchool of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto, PortugalThe impact of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and screening on the dynamics of HIVOral
013Alireza KhastanInstitute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, IranSome new results for fuzzy differential equationsOral
014Ali AkgülSiirt University, TurkeySome Open Problems in the Reproducing KernelMethodOral
015Esra Karatas AkgülÇanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, TurkeyA Novel Method for the Solution of Blasius Equation in Semi-Infinite DomainsOral
016Bipul SarmaGauhati University, IndiaSome sequences of Fuzzy real numbers operated by a difference operator under an orlicz functionOral
017Kulajit PathakBarpeta Road Howly College, IndiaFuzzy Ideals in some specific BE-algebrasOral
018Amar DebboucheGuelma University, AlgeriaSome impulsive nonlocal control systems of Hilfer fractional orders Oral
019Baya TakhedmitResearch Unit LaMOS, AlgeriaAnalytic propagation of epistemic uncertainty in queuing modelsOral
020Fadhel BushehriPublic Authority for Applied Education and Training, KuwaitContemporary lighting analytical study and its impact on modern designOral
021Mustafa MoumniUniversity of Biskra, AlgeriaSome stochastic representations of quantum interferenceOral
022Karim AbbasUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaTaylor series expansion approach for epistemic uncertainty propagation in queueing-inventory modelsOral
023Amrane HouasUniversity of Biskra, AlgeriaAn encryption algorithm for Gray-Scale Image based On Bit-plane decomposition and diffuse representationOral
024Priti Kumar RoyJadavpur University, IndiaMathematical modelling of methanol poisoning with impulsive dosing of antidote therapeutics to prevent toxicityOral
025Vladimir VasilyevBelgorod National Research University, Russian FederationOn some difference and discrete equations and related boundary value problemsOral
026Ahmed BoudaouiAdrar University, AlgeriaExistence of mild solutions to delay random impulsive differential equationsOral
027Ioannis DassiosUniversity of Limerick & University College Dublin, IrelandMethods in optimization, system theory and networks for mathematical modellingOral
028Said Mohamed SaidUniversity of Ouargla, AlgeriaOn a nonlinear problem modelling water flow on surfaces close to the coast before the arrival of the destructive waves in tsunamiOral
029Vijay Kumar PatelIndian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, IndiaApplication of two-dimensional wavelet operational matrices for complex partial differential equationOral
030Badredine IssaadiUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaWeak perturbation theory with applications to queuingOral
031Maxim V. ShamolinLomonosov Moscow State University, Russian FederationIntegrability in terms of elementary functions of variable dissipation dynamical systemsOral
032Zahra AlijaniUniversity of Tartu, EstoniaOn the solution of fuzzy Volterra-Fredholm integral equation of second kindOral
033Sihem MahouiUSTHB, AlgeriaFinite element approximation to optimal pointwise control of parabolic problems with incomplete dataOral
034Konstantin E. StarkovInstituto Politecnico Nacional, CITEDI, Mexico, MexicoGlobal tumor eradication conditions for cancer model under combined chemotherapy anti-angiogenic therapyOral
035Abbes BenchaabaneGuelma University, AlgeriaControllability of general stochastic systems in Hilbert space driven by fractional Brownian motion with non-Lipschitz coefficientsOral
036Ricardo AlmeidaUniversity of Aveiro, PortugalFractional differential equations: Existence and uniqueness of solutions, with applicationsOral
037Zohra BouteffalMascara University, AlgeriaImpulsive partial hyperbolic differential equations of fractional order with state dependent delayOral
038Maman FathurrohmanUniversitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, IndonesiaA mathematical model of tuberculosis improper treatmentOral
039Paritosh Chandra DasRangia College, IndiaOn p-absolutely summable sequence space lp with statistical metricOral
040Subir DasIndian Institute of Technology, IndiaDual combination phase synchronization of fractional order hyperchaotic systems with external disturbancesOral
041Vijay Kumar YadavIndian Institute of Technology, IndiaHybrid compound synchronization of fractional order complex chaotic systemsOral
042Apostolos BurnetasNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens, GreeceStochastic approximation for equilibrium computation in a queue with strategic customers and delay-based renegingOral
043Mayank SrivastavaBanaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India, IndiaBackstepping Control for combined function projective synchronization among fractional order chaotic systems with uncertainties and external disturbancesOral
044Sudip ChakrabortyJadavpur University, IndiaThe role of HPV on cervical cancer with several functional response: a comparative studyOral
045Vladimir GorbachenkoPenza State University, Russian FederationKernel basis functions method for coupled mathematical models of heat and mass transfersOral
046Robab KalantariUniversity of Tabriz, IranA non-standard finite difference method for digital put option pricing under the fractional black-scholes modelOral
047Prashant Kumar MiahraIIT(BHU), IndiaDynamic stress intensity factor due to applied point loading in a cracked infinite orthotropic elastic stripOral
048Kheira MecheriUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaSolving the equation f(x)=alpha in a functional space using an iterative algorithmOral
049Naima HamadoucheUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaThe performance measures of some queues with preemptive priorityOral
050Swati TyagiShoolini University, IndiaStability and bifurcation analysis of a class of fractional-order delayed logistic modelOral
051Maria Filomena TeodoroCINAV, Portuguese Naval Academy, PortugalUsing radial basis functions to solve numerically some MTFDEsOral
052Marina PlekhanovaSouth Ural State University, Russian FederationOptimal control problem for evolution equation of fractional order with a weak degeneracyOral
053Aleksandr PanovChelyabinsk State University, Russian FederationSymmetry approach for investigation dynamics of two-phase mediumOral
054Mohamed DalahFreres Mentouri Constantine University, AlgeriaA regularized electro-viscoelastic contact problem with Friction lawOral
055Anwar JawadAl-Rafidain University College, IraqOn reliable and efficient method for the soliton solutions of the coupled Schrödinger-Boussinesq equationsOral
056Lidiya BorelChelyabinsk State University, Russian FederationOn unique solvability of a system of equations with memory effectsOral
057Badreddine SellamiSouk Ahras University, AlgeriaGlobally convergence of nonlinear conjugate gradient method for unconstrained optimizationOral
058Vivek MishraThakur college of Engineering and Technology, IndiaNumerical solution of fractional order vibration equation using Bernstein polynomialOral
059Mohie AlqezweeniPenza State University, Russian FederationSolving boundary value problemsOral
060Helmi TemimiGulf University for science and technology, KuwaitA Two-Branched Numerical Solution of Bratu’s ProblemOral
061Lynda HarfoucheUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaBayesian bandwidth selection using two multiplicative bias correction estimators for discrete associated kernelOral
062Agnieszka B. MalinowskaBialystok University of Technology, PolandOn multi-agent systems on time scalesOral
063Vinay KumarUniversity of Delhi, IndiaTime-frequency analysis of Particle’s trajectory in perturbed elliptic oscillatorOral
064Mikhail DyshaevChelyabinsk State University, Russian FederationInvariant solutions of Black-Scholes type equations for futures-style American options traded at Moscow Exchange.Oral
065Mustafa IncFirat University, TurkeyOptimal system, nonlinear self-adjointness and conservation laws for generalized shallow water wave equationOral
066Hossein JafariUniversity of Mazandaran, IranA numerical approach for solving variable order differential equations based on Bernstein polynomialsOral
067Artyom MakovetskiiChelyabinsk State University, Russian FederationA direct approach to the fast one dimensional total variation regularization algorithmOral
068Tatiana LazovskayaPeter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russian FederationNeural network parametric modeling in task about porous catalyst processesOral
069Yury I. HudakMoscow Technological University, Russian FederationMathematical problems of electrodynamics of layered dielectricsOral
070Igor A. BrigadnovSt. Petersburg Mining University, Russian FederationMathematical and computer modelling of sandwich sheet forming processOral
071Georgy ShevlyakovPeter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russian FederationRobust Statistics: A Brief Review of Ideas and Tools with Their Applications to Signal ProcessingOral
072Roman DavydovPeter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russian FederationMathematical modelling of metal ablation by femtosecond laser pulsesOral
073Valery GaikoUnited Institute of Informatics Problems, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, BelarusLimit Cycles of the Kukles Cubic SystemOral
074Leonid YasnitskyPerm State University, Russian FederationNew possibilities of application of artificial intelligence methods for high-precision solution of boundary value problemsOral
075Dmitry TarkhovPeter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russian FederationNew methods of multilayer semiempirical models in Nonlinear bending of the cantileverOral
076Nadezda FilimonenkovaPeter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russian FederationModeling of m-convex hypersurfacesOral
077Alla TiukhtinaN. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhnii Novgorod , Russian FederationThe stable sequential Lagrange principles as tools for solving some classes unstable inverse problems of electromagnetic theoryOral
078Sergei SitnikVoronezh Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Russian FederationOn Fractional Powers of the Bessel Differential Operator (joint with E.L.Shishkina)Oral
079Dmitry ChekmarevLobachevsky state university of Nizhny Novgorod, Russian FederationDetermination of the Loads Acting on the HovercraftOral
080Alexander GlushakBelgorod State National Research University, Russian FederationAbstract Bessel-Struve Equation with Nonlocal ConditionOral
081Sultan AskhabiChechen State University, Russian FederationNonlinear integro-differential equations of convolution type in Lebesgue spacesOral
082Arsen PskhuInstitue of Applied Mathematics and Automation, Russian FederationBoundary Value Problem for Fractional Diffusion Equation in Noncylindrical DomainOral
083Elina ShishkinaVoronezh State University, Russian FederationNegative real powers of the singular wave operatorOral
084Aleksey KalininN. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhnii Novgorod, Russian FederationLp - estimates for scalar products of vector fields and their application to electromagnetic theory problemsOral
085Andrey MuravnikJSC "Concern Sozvezdie"-Voronezh, Russian FederationOn decay rate of nonnegative solutions of singular quasilinear parabolic equationsOral
086Marina PolovinkinaVoronezh State University of engineering technologies, Russian FederationOn properties of mean values of solutions to linear singular differential equationsOral
087Igor PolovinkinVoronezh State University, Russian FederationSome results and properties of mean values of solutions to hyperbolic systemsOral
088Sergey S. LeonovMoscow Aviation Institute, Russian FederationCreep model identification problem for metal structuresOral
089Svetlana ZubovaFederal State Budgetary Educational Establishment Higher Professional Education "Voronezh State University", Russian FederationFurther developments of cascade method for the solution of multipoint control problemsOral
090Nadjat Ben BellilUniversity of Sidi Bel Abbes, AlgeriaOptical and electronic properties of semiconducting Sn2S3 and SnZrS3Oral
091Tatiana OdzijewiczWarsaw School of Economics, PolandMultiobjective variational problems with time delayOral
092Elena RaetskayaVoronezh State University of Forestry and Technologies named after G.F. Morozov, Russian FederationSolution of the control problem for a linear dynamical system with outputOral
093Abhishek SarkarUniversity of West Bohemia, Czech RepublicMultiple solutions for a fourth order critical problemOral
094Tridip SardarDinabandhu Andrews College, IndiaAnalysis of a power-law form time dependent vector-borne disease transmission modelOral
095Mikaël BarboteuLaboratoire de Mathématiques et Physique, Université de Perpignan Via Domitia, FranceStudy of a dynamic frictional contact problem for hyperviscoelastic material with nonconvex energy densityOral
096Dmitry KuznetsovPeter the Great St.-Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russian FederationStrong Approximation of Multiple Ito and Stratonovich Stochastic IntegralsOral
097Abdon AtanganaUniversity of the Free State, South AfricaA new numerical approximation of fractional differentiation: Upwind discretization for Riemann-Liouville and Caputo derivativesOral
098Abdellah Abou-BakreFST Sultan Moulay Slimane University, MoroccoInference for stochastic diffusion model for the dynamic of HIV using a Bayesian approachOral
099Mohammed ChebbahTizi Ouzou University, AlgeriaSimulations for efficient combination of two lower bound functions in univariate global optimizationOral
100Rajeev .Indian Institute of Technology(BHU), Varanasi, IndiaA numerical solution of a moving boundary problemOral
101Nuno R. O. BastosPolytechnic Institute of Viseu, PortugalUsing fractional differential equations to model some real phenomenaOral
102Zirem DjamilaUniversity of Algiers 3, LaMOS Labroratory, AlgeriaStochastic decomposition for a retrial queue type with server subject to breakdowns, repairs and impatient customersOral
103Luis MachadoUniversity of Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro, PortugalMinimum energy interpolating curves in fluid environmentsOral
104Victor V. GarbarukPetersburg State Transport University, Russian FederationInvestigation of time series by means of factor analysisOral
105Natalia MartinsUniversity of Aveiro, PortugalApplications of predictive control to opinion dynamics models on time scalesOral
106Guo-Cheng WuNeijiang Normal University, ChinaExistence of solutions for interval–valued Caputo fractional differential equationsOral
107Kamlesh KumarIndian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi, IndiaHigh-order Numerical Scheme for Abel’s and Generalized Abel’s Integral EquationsOral
108Alina MelnikovaMoscow Lomonosov State University, Russian FederationSolution of the Front Type in the Reaction-Diffusion System with Periodic ConditionsOral
109Alexandra BeliaevaPeter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russian FederationNeural network method of restoring an initial profile of the shock waveOral
110Shahram NajafzadehPayame Noor University, IranSome properties of univalent holomorphic functions by using subordinationOral
111Yuri MenshikovDnipro University, UkraineSynthesis of Adequate Mathematical Description for Dynamical SystemsOral
112Valery DilmanSouth Ural State University, Russian FederationOn the Criteria for the Critical State of a Round Rod exposed to TensionOral
113Rajesh K PandeyIndian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi , IndiaNumerical Scheme for Generalized Fractional Integro –Differential EquationsOral
114Tatyana KarpetaSouth Ural State University, Russian FederationOn the Criteria for the Critical State of a Round Rod exposed to TensionOral
115Isabel CacaoUniversity of Aveiro, PortugalA matrix approach to the representation of orthogonal hypercomplex polynomial systemsOral
116Liubov SolovarovaMatrosov Institute for System Dynamics and Control Theory of SB RAS, Russian FederationCollocation-Variation Difference Schemes for Differential-Algebraic EquationsOral
117Majid ErfanianUniversity of Zabol, IranThe approximate solution of nonlinear Volterra Hammerstein integral equations with RH wavelet bases in a complex planeOral
118Elena ChistyakovaMatrosov Institute for System Dynamics and Control Theory of SB RAS, Russian FederationOn Some Properties of Higher Order Differential Algebraic Equations Perturbed by the Fredholm OperatorOral
119Sehjeong KimUnited Arab Emirates University, United Arab EmiratesMathematical Modeling for the Thalassemia Dynamics in the UAEOral
120Victor ChistyakovMatrosov Institute for System Dynamics and Control Theory of SB RAS, Russian FederationModelling of incompressible fluid by means of partial differential algebraic equationsOral
121Martina LangerovaUniversity of West Bohemia, Czech RepublicOn second-order resonance periodic problem with impulsesOral
122Konul OmarovaInstitute of Control Systems of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, AzerbaijanA description of the model of a process of the semi-Markovian walk with a delaying screen by means of a fractional order differential equationOral
123Yekaterina MoisseyevaKazakh National University, KazakhstanHigh-speed turbulence modeling of transverse jet/free stream interactionOral
124Aicha BarecheUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaStochastic Bounds for the Main Characteristics of a Single Server Queue with Two Types of CallsOral
125Elena LebedevaSaint Petersburg Polytechnical Universuty, Russian FederationUncertainty product for Vilenkin groupsOral
126Prashant KumarNational Institute of Technology Delhi, IndiaHybrid finite element formulation of mild slop equation in a rectangular domainOral
127Valery AntonovPeter the Great S.-Petersburg polytechnic university, Russian FederationNumerical Simulation of a High-Current Z-Discharge in water, initiated by an electrical Explosion of a thin-walledOral
128Hayette BrahamUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaA bayesian estimation of the stationary distribution for an Er /M/1 queueOral
129Ramesh Chand MittalIndian Institute of Technology, IndiaA fourth order B-spline collocation method for numerical simulation of periodic Burgers’ equationOral
130Farouk ChérifISSAT- UNiversity of Sousse, TunisiaPseudo almost periodic and pseudo almost automorphic solutions of neutral delay integral equationOral
131Irina PerfilievaUniversity of Ostrava, IRAFM, Czech RepublicF-transform as a Technique for Boundary Value Problems: Ordinary and Fuzzy Oral
132Nouressadat TouafekMohamed Seddik Ben Yahia University, Jijel, AlgeriaOn the global dynamics of a periodic rational difference equationOral
133Sofiane OuazineUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaNumerical Approaches for the Epistemic Uncertainty Analysis of QueuesOral
134Dorota MozyrskaBialytsok University of Technology, PolandNovelty fractional–order difference application in system modelling Oral
135Natalia NovoselovaUnited Institute of Informatics Problems, BelarusIntegration of Heterogeneous Biological Data for Protein Function PredictionOral
136Stanislav LukashchukUfa State Aviation Technical University, Russian FederationApproximate Lie Point Symmetries for Fractional Partial Differential EquationsOral
137Altyn MakashevaInstitute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling, KazakhstanThe simulation of dispersion of particles in a planar mixing layers in depend on inlet effectsOral
138Andrei KolyshkinRiga Technical University, LatviaLinear stability of a chemically reacting fluid in tall vertical containersOral
139Aliya GainetdinovaUfa State Aviation Technical University, Russian FederationIntegrals of systems of two second-order ODEs admitting four-dimensional Lie algebrasOral
140Kourosh NourouziK. N. Toosi University of Technology, IranDiversity Normed SpacesOral
141Alexander VasilyevBelgorod National Research University, Russian FederationOn Error Estimates for Approximate Solutions of Certain Discrete EquationsOral
142Evgeny AntipovM.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian FederationThe moving front solution in a two dimensional problem from reaction-diffusion-advection equationOral
143Lyubov BritvinaNovgorod State University, Russian FederationGeneralized convolutions for the Hankel transform and related integral operatorsOral
144Marina BoroninaInstitute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics of SB RAS, Russian FederationNumerical simulations of colliding beams dynamics with nonzero crossing angleOral
145Isabela Roxana BirsTechnical University of Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaPreliminary results for velocity control of a nanorobot in non-Newtonian fluids using fractional calculusOral
146Chaouki AouitiUniversity of Carthage, TunisiaGlobal exponential stability of delayed inertial neural networks with impulses via inequality techniquesOral
147Sergey PerepechkoPetrozavodsk State University, Russian FederationNear-perfect matchings on Pm X Pn graphs of odd orderOral
148Hamid OuaissaFST Sultan Moulay Slimane University, MoroccoNumerical simulation of a data completion Cauchy problem using domain decomposition like methodsOral
149Dimiter ProdanovIMEC, BelgiumFractional Taylor expansions for some classes of functionsOral
150Artyom GerusInstitute of Volcanology and Seismology, Russian FederationSlow strain waves in blocky geomedium. Mathematical modelling and numerical estimationsOral
151Ozlem DefterliCankaya University, TurkeyGPLM for Regression of Complex Regulatory NetworksOral
152Alexey KasatkinUfa State Aviation Technical University, Russian FederationSymmetry properties of two-phase filtration model with space-fractional derivativesOral
153Vera BeloshapkoMoscow Lomonosov State University, Russian FederationAnalysis and resolving of singularly perturbed elliptic Dirichlet problem with three-band boundary layerOral
154Yasmina DjabaliResearch Unit LaMOS (Modeling and Optimization of Systems), AlgeriaStrong Stability of the Embedded Markov Chain In an PH/M/1 QueueOral
155Sedda HakmiResearch Unit LaMOS (Modeling and Optimization of Systems) Bejaia University, AlgeriaPerformance Analysis of Preemptive Priority Queue via Generalized Stochastic Petri NetsOral
156Helena Sofia RodriguesPolytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, PortugalOn the Dynamics of a Viral Marketing Model with Optimal Control using Indirect and Direct MethodsOral
157Anna EfimovaInstitute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics SB RAS, Russian FederationNumerical Modeling of the Generation of the Electromagnetic Radiation by the Beam-Plasma Interaction with Using of the Particle-in-Cell MethodOral
158Samil SikInonu University, TurkeyPreliminary and shrinkage estimation in quantile regression model with iid errorsOral
159Ahmet DemiralpInonu University, TurkeyShrinkage and penalty estimation in quantile regression model with autoregressive errorsOral
160Aleksandr BelovLomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics, Russian FederationSolution of ill-posed problems by regularized double period method on the example of Fredholm equationOral
161Zhanna DombrovskayaM.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian FederationOptimization of an Isotropic Metasurface on a SubstrateOral
162Magda RebeloUniversidade NOVA de Lisboa, PortugalNumerical approximation of tempered fractional terminal value problemsOral
163Olga G. PronchevaKeldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics & Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russian FederationModeling of information warfare in a societyOral
164Marina DavydovaLomonosov MSU, Russian FederationOn a stationary solution of a nonlinear singularly perturbed heat equationOral
165Vladimir LozhkinSt. Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia, Russian FederationNeural network model for forecasting of hazard air pollution by PM emitted from peat fire and its effect on road trafficOral
166Maksim KukushkinInstitute of Applied Mathematics and Automation, Russian FederationOn some qualitative properties of fractional differentiation operatorsOral
167Urve KangroUniversitu of Tartu, EstoniaCordial Volterra integral equations and singular fractional integro-differential equations in spaces of analytic functionsOral
168Rıdvan ŞahinBayburt University, TurkeyAn integrated multi-criteria decision making methodology based on Pythagorean fuzzy informationOral
169Fadila LeslousUniversity of Tizi Ouzou, AlgeriaGeneralizing the MDCA method for searching of a global optimum of a nonconvex function in an Rn boxOral
170Assia Guezane-LakoudBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaExistence of solutions for a fractional boundary value problemOral
171Tatiana ShemyakinaPeter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russian FederationGlobal solutions of Frankl system with sequestered coefficients providing by filling of initial dataOral
172Natalia LevashovaM.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian FederationThe contrast structure type solution of the reaction-diffusion equation in case of discontinuous reactive and diffusive termsOral
173Rıdvan ŞahinBayburt University, TurkeyAn approach to multiple attribute decision making based on normal Pythagorean fuzzy aggregation operatorsOral
174Atendra KumarIndian Institute of Technology-Mandi, IndiaNumerical simulation of shear flow past two square cylinders in series arrangement at Re=100Oral
175Rabah KhaldiBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaOn higher order fractional boundary value problemsOral
176Vineet Kumar SinghIndian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, IndiaAn efficient computational method based on Legendre wavelet for partial integro-differential equations arising from viscoelasticityOral
177Svetlana AsmussUniversity of Latvia, LatviaHigher degree fuzzy transforms based on B-splinesOral
178Harendra SinghNational Institute of Science Education and Research, IndiaApproximate numerical solution of fractional delay differential equations using operational matrix methodOral
179Louiza BerdjoudjUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaStochastic analysis of a discrete time Geo/Geo/1 with repeated attemptsOral
180Alexandre SoldatovBelgorod State University, Russian FederationAn analogue of the Schwarz problem for the Moisil--Teodorescu system in multiply connected domainsOral
181Sumeeta SinghMNNIT-Allahabad, IndiaMagnetogasdynamic shock wave propagation in self-gravitating gasOral
182Ashan GuptaIndian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, IndiaApplication of orthogonal polynomials for generalized Abel integral equations via operational matricesOral
183Surafel TilahunUniversity of Zululand, South AfricaGrey optimizationOral
184Chokri FerkousGuelma University, AlgeriaClassification of mammographic masses according to their shapes in digitized mammogramsOral
185Munish KansalUniversity Institute of Engineering and Technology, Panjab University, IndiaDerivative free variants of King family with memory having high efficiency index for solving nonlinear equationsOral
186Mesut KarabacakAtaturk University, TurkeyOn numerical solving time-fractional differential equationsOral
187Ghasem Barid LoghmaniYazd University, IranInvestigation of natural convection of a non-Newtonian nanofluid flow between two vertical flat plates using Birkhoff interpolation methodOral
188Salima KendiUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaHub Network Design ProblemOral
189Jehad AlzabutPrince Sultan University, Saudi ArabiaExistence and stability of discrete fractional BAM neural networks with delay in the leakage termOral
190Antonio SobralPSP, PortugalFractional Spiking Neurons: a ReviewPoster
191Ahmed DaliUniversity of Bechar, AlgeriaMulti-quasielliptic and Gevrey regularity of hypoelliptic differential operatorsPoster
192Rahma AgroumUniversity of Tunis El Manar & Université Pierre et Marie Curie-France, TunisiaA posteriori error analysis for solving the Navier--Stokes problem and convection-diffusion equationsPoster
193Fatma LitimeinUniversity of Sidi Bel Abbes, AlgeriaThermoelectric properties of sulvanites from first principles calculationsPoster
194Mounir BahlilMascara University, AlgeriaOn convexity for energy decay rates of a viscoelastic equation with a dynamic boundary and nonlinear delay term in the nonlinear internal feedbackPoster
195Mohammed NehariUniversity of Tlemcen, AlgeriaExistence of minimal and maximal solutions for quasilinear elliptic equation with nonlocal boundary conditions on time-scalesPoster
196Kheireddine BiroudEcole supérieure de management , AlgeriaA semilinear parabolic problem with singular term at the boundaryPoster
197Abdessalam BalikiMascara University, AlgeriaQualitative analysis of second order functional evolution inclusionsPoster
198Mohammed BelloufiSouk Ahras University, AlgeriaA new conjugate gradient methods under a modified Wolfe line search for unconstrained optimizationPoster
199Saddek GuerfiaBadji Mokhtar University-Annaba, AlgeriaStatistical evolution of the population distribution according to the three major sets of the Algerian physical Space -RGPH 2008-Poster
200Amel BerhailGuelma University, AlgeriaIdentification of pollution term in the two phase Stefan problemPoster
201Guzel BaybulatovaChelyabinsk State University, Russian FederationNumerical solution of optimal control problem for the Oskolkov systemPoster
202Alena GusevaPeter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russian FederationDeveloping an Intelligent Fire Detection System on the ShipsPoster
203Nora TaboucheGuelma University, AlgeriaPenalization of mixed Koiter’s shell modelPoster
204Valeriy MenshikhVoronezh Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Russian FederationEstimation of the system balancePoster
205Irina KislitcynaRussian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics, Russian FederationAdaptive Measurements of the Motion Parameters Under Uncertainty of the Moon Rock CompositionPoster
206Vladimir NazarovInstitute of Molecule and Crystal Physics Ufa Research Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, Ufa, Russia, Russian FederationModeling the excitation of the magnetic breather in three-layered ferromagnetic structure with various parameters of magnetic anisotropy and exchange in autoresonance modePoster
207Badreddine AzzouziEPSESG Tlemcen, AlgeriaOn the Convergence of Moving Average ProcessesPoster
208Lukas KrupickaCzech Technical University in Prague, Czech RepublicAn existence result for coupled transport processes in porous mediaPoster
209Nabil KribesGuelma University, AlgeriaCutting stress models in dry hard turning using Taguchi techniquePoster
210Amina BenkaddourUniversity of Sidi Bel Abbes, AlgeriaStudy of the physical properties of the rare earth materialsPoster
211Mohamed BoualemUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaApproximate Controllability of Stochastic Bounds of Stationary Distribution of a Single Server Queue with Repeated Attempts and Two-Phase ServicePoster
212Abdelkader DeboucheGuelma University, AlgeriaGeneralized method of moments estimators for linear dynamic panel data using stataPoster
213Yousra BenkaddourUniversity of Sidi Bel Abbes, AlgeriaOn some density, elastic and electronic properties of rare-earth intermetallic type of compoundsPoster
214Nikita BelevtsovUfa State Aviation Technical University, Russian FederationSymmetry properties of linear fractional filtration equation with the Riesz potentialPoster
215Ruslan FeshchenkoP.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS, Russian FederationOn inverse problem for the parabolic equation with the initial condition specified on an inclined linePoster
216Regina SaburovaUfa State Aviation Technical Univercity, Russian FederationApproximate symmetries and invariant solutions of nonlinear fractional diffusion–wave equationPoster
217Roman ParovikInstitute of Cosmophysical Research and Radio Wave Propagation FEB RAS, Russian FederationAbout one dynamic system, characterizing free oscillations taking into account the variable heredityPoster
218Ildar AbdulinUSATU, Russian FederationModels of Two-phase Filtration in Fractal Porous MediaPoster
219Lala Maghnia AlemUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaStochastic bounds of a single server retrial queue two-way communication and multiple types of outgoing callsPoster
220Lamia DjerroudUniversity of Bejaia, AlgeriaA Bayesian approach to bandwidth selection in nonparametric kernel regression estimation for multivariate count dataPoster
221Vladimir DudarevSouthern Federal University, Russian FederationOn Vibrations of Prestressed Electroelastic BodiesPoster
222Dilek OgurDogus University, TurkeyListener
223Fatima ZianeUSTHB, AlgeriaListener
224Jitendra SinghPPN(PG) College Kanpur, IndiaListener
225Govindaraj VenkatesanIndian Institute of Space Science and Technology, IndiaListener
226Noureddine OuahabTamanrasset University Center, AlgeriaListener
227Akanni John OlajideLadoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso , NigeriaListener
228Pavel BakusovSaint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Russian FederationListener
229Viacheslav KozobrodDSTU, Russian FederationListener
230Fatima AbdulkadirAl-Rafidain University College, IraqListener
231Svetlana RabeeakhVoronezh State University, Russian FederationListener
232Artem MuglanovVoronezh State University, Russian FederationListener
233Natalia LobanovaCenter for extracurricular activities, Russian FederationListener
234Abhishek SenapatiIndian Statistical Institute-Kolkata, IndiaListener
235Dibyendu Sekhar MandalIndian Statistical Institute-Kolkata, IndiaListener
236Zakaria AbouraI.T.M.A Tlemcen, AlgeriaListener
237Héctor Jardón SánchezUniversidad de Oviedo, SpainListener
238Godfred AmevorUniversity of Cape Coast, GhanaListener
239Mikhail BulatovMatrosov Institute for System Dynamics and Control Theory of SB RAS, Russian FederationListener
240Amara GuerfiUniversity of Ouargla, AlgeriaListener
241Victor PoluninBelgorod State University, Russian FederationListener
242Brahim GuerzizeAin Makhlouf-Guelma, AlgeriaListener